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Tooth Polisher Prophy Pastes and Whiteners

Pair your home tooth polisher with the right tooth polisher pastes and dental whitening products for all your teeth. Our top recommendation: This assortment of professional dentist-grade prophy paste containers in assorted flavors.

They're ideal for initial or occasional use with your battery-operated dental polisher to remove heavy plaque and stain build-up when you first purchase a tooth polisher. But do note they're NOT appropriate for daily use! The high grit level of silica in the paste can damage enamel if overused.

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Pearl Drops

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Pearl Drops Tooth Polish

Pearl Drops polish used to be widely available - then disappeard off of many drug and pharmacy shelves. The Pearl Drops brand is having a resurgence and still around though. Amazon carries a wide range of thier oral care products.

Arm and Hammer makes a competing home tooth polish and teeth whitener with baking soda, silica and peroxide. It's a great alternative for DIY home tooth polishing and stain removal and a bit easier to find on pharmacy shelves like RiteAid, WalMart, CVS and Walgreens.

Best Tobacco and Coffee Stain Removal Toothpastes

With dentist offices now charging $75-125+ for a routine cleaning and polish, at-home dental whitening solutions are more popular than ever. New lines of peroxide pastes for smile brightening and tooth whitening abound for smokers and coffee drinkers in particular.

Teeth Whitening Tips

Striking a balance between GENTLE tooth polishing with the right oral tools and pastes: Effective at-home DIY dentist care involves a light touch - Let the tooth polisher do its work with easy pressure down to the gum line and the polish cup edge working bettween teeth. The soft abrasives in dental polishing products like Pearl Drops or other whitening pastes and stain-removing whitener gels are gritty but softer than tooth enamel. Really pay attention in cleaning your real molars and the back of your mouth -- What people don't see is just as important as your front cuspids, bicuspids, lateral, incisors and molar.

Consumer Whitening And Bleaching Toothpastes

A top of the line tooth lightening treatment a dental office using a commercial bleaching lamp and whitening peroxide gels can typically run you three hundred dollars or more. Expensive for some, however it offers ensured and immediate results at a stiff price. Also, because in-office teeth whitening is considered a 'cosmetic' procedure, dental insurance doesn't cover it. The least expensive method of tooth lightening is the use of a home teeth whitener system and bleaching tooth paste.

Whitener toothpastes are an extremely low cost and simple way to make your teeth look whiter. With whitening toothpaste and brushing alone, it can take months of use twice a day to see exactly what some makers call the best whitening results. Whitening tooth pastes gradually increase the whiteness of the teeth, they work by removing stains from the tooth's enamel which in turn make the teeth appear whiter. A great deal of people bleach their teeth initially with a professional grade laser bleaching kit with a gel tray and afterwards utilize whitening tooth paste to assist in keeping their smile the whitest possible.

The success of any lightening tooth paste is directly relevant to how long and how frequently you brush your teeth. Some dental health professionals caution that the use of tooth pastes in an effort to decrease staining and yellowing of teeth can trigger the loss of tooth enamel due to over-brushing. Whitening toothpastes are made with abrasives and chemicals. Brushing too vigorously can cause the loss of tooth enamel. Tooth enamel can not be changed. If you have delicate teeth you could not be able to utilize lightening toothpaste.

Know that bleaching toothpastes just influence the external layer of enamel. This can cause the yellowness of the deeper layers of the teeth to end up being more pronounced.

Daily brushing with a regular tooth paste twice a day in concert with routine dental cleanings can assist make your teeth look whiter, without fear of enamel loss. Likewise, washing your mouth out after consuming dark drinks such as coffee, tea or red wine can help avoid staining from occurring.

Prior to you begin any lightening item you ought to have a thorough evaluation by your dental professional. Make certain that you teeth and gums are healthy prior to you begin. Always follow your dental practitioner's suggestions.

The top of the line tooth bleaching treatment is an in workplace laser bleaching which will run you about $400.00 Expensive for some, however it offers ensured and immediate outcomes. The least expensive method of tooth bleaching is the use of whitening tooth paste. Lightening toothpastes do not really enhance the whiteness of the teeth, they work by getting rid of spots from the teeth which in turn make the teeth appear whiter. A lot of individuals bleach their teeth initially with an office laser lightening or with a gel tray and then use whitening tooth paste to assist in keeping their smile white.