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Aside from, or prior to actual tooth polishing - really thorough cleaning between teeth and at the gumline insures the best at-home dental polishing results. These particular interdental cleaning tools for home use excel at cleaning the hard to reach areas between teeth with their small, specialized mini brush heads. They're designed to get in-between each tooth effectively and can help remove plaque and stains tooth polishing cups might miss. If you have had bouts of gingivitis, gumm disease or pocket formation, they're essential for keeping exposed areas of the root as clean as possible.

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Especially for those with braces or bridge work, a powered interdental brush can help with routine maintenence and cleaning. The Zila Rotadent is a high-end rechargeable teeth brushing solution, but well-built and offers a wide variety of replacement after-market flat and pointed brush heads depending on your preferences. This availably of replacement brushes adds to the servicable life of the Rotadent and adds to its consumer value.

For a more affordable interdental cleaning option, the BrushPoint home dental care kit is often available for around $12 USD and offers a toothbrush and spare brush, flossers, a rubber gum stimulator and two interdental brush tips which I find very effective. You may find variations of thisv aried tooth brushing and oral care set at Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens or other retailers. Most come with the two required AA batteries in the package. It's somewhat disposable once the included brushes and tips wear out, but still a great value for the money.