Home Plaque And Tartar Removal Tooth Scalers

Sonic Home Teeth Cleaners

Ultrasonic Tartar And Plaque Remover Tools

Prior to an a DIY tooth polishing session, you might consider a home dental scaling and tartar removal process to remove the heaviest and hardest build-up on the front and back surfaces of your teeth and around the roots. Wondering how to remove tartar at home? There's a new line of DIY dental products to help you remove hardened tartar and soft plaque buildup effectively at an affordable price.

Rechargeable Ultra-Sonic Dental Scaler

You might consider this 3-speed rechargeable sonic tooth cleaner if you want to avoid having to futz with occasional battery replacement. It uses an inductive charging base to be at the ready. It offers two surgical grade stainless steel scaling tips so there's a spare or one for another family member's oral hygiene use.

LuckyFine Sonic Home Dentist Scaler

3-Speed Tartar And Plaque Remover

Battery-Powered Sonic Tooth Scaler And Brush

For quick and efficient removal of soft plaque and hard tartar accumulation, this battery operated teeth sleaning sonic descaler can really take your oral cleaning experience to the next level.

Home Tooth Scaler & Toothbrush

Two Interchangeable Teeth Scaling Tips

Of the two DIY home plaque and tartar removal dental tools featured above, I'd lean towards the rechargeable one which seems to have a superior design and likely to have a longer useful life. You're not likely to find either at retail locations like CVS, Walgreens or WalMart. So ordering online from Amazon seems the way to go.

Home Dental Care And Teeth Cleaning Made Easy

It's nice to see products like these reaching the consumer market. While no complete substitute for regular dental care with a certified dentist, prevention of plaque and tartar build-up can improve your overall oral health. These tooth scalers can also insure optimal teeth cleaning and whitening sessions by removing encrusted or heavy buildup on the surface of teeth prior to a tooth polishing session using a readily available polisher such as those from Momi, Dazzle Luxe, or other battery powered home dental polishing kits featured on this website.

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