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Enjoy White And Polished Teeth - At Home

Experience professional teeth cleaning at home! Here, we review battery operated electric tooth polishing kits for DIY teeth cleaning in the comfort of your own home.

There seems to be a rather high interest in home dental polishing products, an increasing number of manufacturers such as Dazzle, Rio, Stardust, AZdent, Oratec and Orawave make rubber cup tooth polishers for home use. Sadly, the biggest drug store chains like Walgreens, CVS, Rite-Aid and others don't seem to carry any of these recommended battery-powered tooth polisher kits at retail. Since they're not easy to find on store shelves, ordering a dental polisher online is usually the way to go.

#1 Recommendation: Violife Dazzle Luxe Home Tooth Polisher

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Violife Tooth Polisher
Best Battery Operated Tooth Polisher
Replaceable Tips
Mint Polishing Paste

Dental Polishing Prohpy Pastes

Six 2.5g Prophy Paste Cups
Violife Polishing Tips
Home Tooth Polisher Cups

Surface Cups & Interdental Point

With recent price drops, the Violife Dazzle Luxe is the best, widely available battery powered tooth polisher currently shipping. It comes with the polisher, both a rubber polishing cup and cone-shaped interdental polisher tip wand - as well as three cups of professional tooth polishing paste. (Sadly, the 2 AAA batteries are not included.) However, the availability of replacement polishing heads and polish paste refills as separate kits for under $15 make this a dental polishing product with a longer usable lifespan. The long tip design of this polisher makes it easy to reach deep into your mouth and get at your molars and backside of each tooth.

Rio Dental Polisher

Polisher With Dental Tools

Complete Home Teeth Cleaning

The Rio dental polisher set is a comprehensive teeth and oral-care solution. The product is highly effective in removing plaque and stains. The Rio package includes a variety of different tools including the battery powered polisher, special plaque removal dental picks, a rubber-tipped interdental cleaning tool and mirror that store neatly in it's base. It's generally available at both Amazon and by doing a search for 'Tooth Polisher' or 'Dental Polisher' on eBay.

DenTek Home Polisher

DenTek Tooth Polisher

Extra Cups + Witening Gel

Appearing to be manufactured by the same company as the Violife Dazzle, the DenTek battery powered dental polishing kit with whitening and polishing paste included recently appeared at nearly half the street price of the Dazzle. For about $30 you can now have a great home tooth polishing solution with a small head that can easily feat to your back molars, inside your upper and lower dental arch for a complete cleaning of every tooth surface.

Orawave Power Whitener Toothbrush and Polisher

OraWave Polishing Pair

Rubber Tip Polisher And Dual-Head Brush

The OraWave tooth polisher package offered both a dual-head power toothbrush and a polisher but seems to have been discontinued. The polishing kit contains a battery operated handle with two types of attachable heads: One, a long tipped rubber polishing cup and a secondary oscillating dual-head toothbrush. The polishing cup is a hygienist-style prophy polishing cup that not only cleans and whiten the teeth - but also reaches just below the gum line. 2 AA batteries are already included to get your started. Priced under $20, this was the most affordable tooth polisher widely available on the market - and then supplies simply dried up. Unfortunately the replaceable, interchangeable heads tended to get cracks in the plastic and break long before the polishing tip or brush heads wore out. The tooth brush itself is VERY effective, the slightly angled double-brush soft heads really clean teeth and remove daily placque very thoroughly.

DIY Home Teeth Polishing and Cleaning

Home Dental polishing is not a complicated procedure and can be easily done by anyone using these specific oral care tools. Though not common on store shelves, there are a few dental polishers available online. Investing in a good electric tooth polisher helps with cleaning and teeth whitening in-between visits to your dentist for a tooth polishing session. This can save you a fair amount of money - especially if your dental insurance only covers an annual prophylaxis and cleaning once a year, or only allows cleanings at specific time intervals.

A home dental polisher looks pretty much like many electric toothbrushes with a small, rubber cupped head. The head spins or oscillates in order to polish the tooth surface. Choose a good polisher by reading expert and consumer reviews, so you won’t waste your money on an ineffective product. A good polisher should be able to remove plaque thoroughly from teeth.

If you’re looking for something you can easily bring along on your frequent travels, look for electric dental polishers that already come with travel pouches. Most battery powered tooth polishers are operated by regular AA or AAA batteries; we recommend the value of a rechargeable NiMh set of batteries and wall charger. Also, most polishers already include at least one additional polishing cup, heads or brushes in a single package. Specialized high-grit professional dental-grade polishing paste may also be included.