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The Dentists Electric Home Tooth Polishing Kit Review

Anyone intending to order a home tooth polisher you has found the right resource. Our written review of the The Dentist's tooth polishing product will be beneficial in your shopping and purchase choices. Candidly, we're not fond of this style of home polisher with it's large, motorized head.

The Dentists Brand Tooth Polisher

With Extra Polishing Cups & Batteries

The bulky physical design of the The Dentist's polishing equipment is very similar to other ones available in the marketplace - and we don't like it. The motor head is so big, you can't polish ALL your teeth - only the front ones! As such this polisher is hard to recommend, though it's $10-$20 cheaper than most others. Frankly far too many commodity consumer products are manufactured by one factory often somewhere China and are just repackaged using various brand names. The Dentist's polisher is similar to the one sold by AZDent.

The significant differences of the The Dentist's tooth polisher device involves which items also included in the box. In many instances, extra additional replacement rubbery polishing cups and tips that easily can be screwed on may be included. As to whether the polisher motor and mechanism is likely to outlive all the replacement heads that are included it is unknown.

Clinical style prohpy polishing paste or gel might be included too to help insure the most effective results. Be aware that any easily available toothpaste will do if needed, particularly stain removal kinds of whitening pastes that have a decidedly high grit texture.

The Dentist's tooth polisher device review ought to ascertain whether batteries well be included with the dental tool. If not, you'll want to have a pair of Alkaline, Heavy-Duty or Lithium AA cells available when the package arrives or order a few in addition to the polishing kit.

Routine and regular use of the The Dentist's tooth polisher product will definitely help maintain your smile shiny and white with occasional use to keep plaque and stains to an absolute minimum. While it isn't a total substitute for regular dental office cleanings and exams, it can be a money saving alternative which you'll find is worth the investment.