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Bilistic Pro Tooth Polisher Review : Worth It?

The high end DIY at-home tooth polishing kit from Bilistic deserves a review as one of the premium do-it-yourself dental polishers on the market. Though priced well over $100 USD, it's notable for it's high-end features to deliver a higher quality, durable in-home polishing and cleaning solution that most other low-cost tooth polisher sets can't match.

Premium Pro Grade Dental Polisher

Bilistic Adjustable Speed Tooth Polishing Kit

Some of the notable Balistic Pro electric tooth polisher features begins with a durable metal body on the polisher itself, handling like a professional dental polisher and not a plastic toy. Rather than being powered by disposable batteries, the Bilistic comes with a power transformer block with adjustable speed control knob for precised control over the polishing head speed. The included polishing head (with 3 replacement spares) feature a real, latex rubber cup, not the cheaper, synthectic rubber that other low cost polishers may have. And rather than foil covered cups of high-grit polishing paste which can dry out once opened, the Bilistic dental polisher features prophy paste in syringes to store and neatly control the polishing paste application.

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