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iWhite Battery Operated Home Tooth Polishing Kit Review

A quick review of the iWhite home tooth polisher set: A not so newcomer to the battery operated dental polisher market is the iWhite Home Teeth Polishing Kit. It's been around for a few years, though in-stock availability has been spotty. Using the same OEM product design as several other popular DIY tooth polishers, it features a long-necked replaceable polishing head with a rubber cup.

iWhite Battery Operated Dental Polisher

Online product descriptions note that it comes with a tube of iWhite's special teeth-whitening polishing gel. A set of AAA batteries are also included in the box so it's ready for use within minutes of opening the package. However, there's no mention of whether additional, replacement rubber polisher cups or cone shaped tips are included - something that several other teeth whitening and polishing systems like Momi, Dentek and Polish'd include in varying numbers in the box. It took a bit of online research to find iWhite does sell a 'refill kit' separately with another tube of prophy paste, a cup and a cone-shaped tip. Since it's design is identical to others on the market, finding a replacement polishing neck or rubber tips shouldn't be difficult if you need them.