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Electric Home Tooth Polisher Reviews

Ultrasonic Electric Home Tartar And Calculus Remover

We're finally seeing the first ultrasonic home dental tools that are designed for Do-It-Yourself dental scaling, calculus and plaque removal. With a pointed metal stainless steel tip like your dentist office uses, it's an efficient electric tartar remover, scaler and stain eradicator.

Sonic Tooth Scaling : 3000 Oscillations Per Second

Rechargeable Induction Base : 3 Speed Settings

This rechargeable DIY home tooth scaler can be an important adjunct to your oral health regimen. It features three selectable sonic cleaning intensities for it's stainless steel descaling tip. A long press of the switch turns the unit off and on, short presses change the ultrasonic intensity from low to medium to high.

As with other home dental hygiene tools -- We recommend you let the tool do the work as you gently work the descaler around and across the surface of each tooth. Good lighting and a magnifying mirror can help tremendously. And pay close attention around the gumline and use the home tartar remover to gently press down the gum to clean with important area where buildup tends to accumulate.