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Dazzle Electric Home Tooth Polishing Kit Review

If you've been looking to buy an at-home tooth polisher you've come to the right website. Our online review of the Violife Dazzle tooth polishing set will be beneficial in your pre-purchase evaluating and buying process.

All-In-One Dental Polisher Kit From Violife

With 1-Each Spare Cup And Cone, Paste, Carry Bag

The major differences of the Dazzle tooth polishing product from other s involves which items included in the product packaging. In this instance, one extra additional replacement rubber cone-shaped pointed polishing tip and a round polishing cup that easily screw on is included. There's also a handy zippered storage pouch for keeping it all together. Something other teeth polishers don't include. Whether the polisher mechanism will outlast the replacement heads that come with it is uncertain.

Cups of special clinical style polishing prophy paste is included as well to help guarantee effective and pleasing results. Do be aware that any locally available toothpaste can be used if needed, particularly plaque and stain removal types of whitening pastes will have the notably high grit texture you want.

Any Dazzle tooth polishing kit review ought to be sure if batteries are included along with the dental tool or not. You'll want to possess a set of Heavy-Duty, Lithium, or Alkaline AAA cells at the ready when the package arrives or order some along with the polishing set.

Routine and proper utilization of the Dazzle tooth polisher will decidedly help maintain your smile white and bright with periodic use to keep staining and plaque to a minimum. While it's not a complete substitute for periodic dentist cleanings and exams, it can be a thrifty option for your oral health that's well worth the small investment.