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Dentist teeth cleanings costing typically $85 and up, and dental insurance often limits the number of covered teeth cleanings per calendar year. Periodic at home tooth polishing, prophy and oral care tools can keep your teeth white and at thier best bewtween visits. Avert the high expense of Deep dental sleanings with these home dental tooth polisher tools.
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OraWave Polishing Pair

Rubber Tip Polisher And Dual-Head Brush
Complete Teeth Cleaning

Rio Dental Polisher
OraTek Tooth Polisher

w/ Extra Polishing Cups

Best Tooth Polisher : OraWave Does Teeth Right

Recently discontinued, the OraWave tooth polisher is getting hard to find. The rubber polishing cup on the Orawave Power Whitener Toothbrush and Polisher gets around the edges of gums and between your cuspids, molars and incisors just beautifully. With it's tapered head, it gets all the way back in your mouth with ease. The inlcuded dual-brush head removes soft build-up better than most toothbrushes. Unfortunately, snap-on replacement rubber cup polish heads are NOT available. You'll need to replace the entire unit when the tooth polisher head or brush wears out.

Now Available: Replacement Brushes

2-Pack Orawave Brush Heads

Affordable Teeth Whitening and Polishing Tool

The fact that the affordable Dental Polisher includes additional rubber polishing cup heads is a definite plus. Polishing tips do wear out after several thorough cleanings. It also has a motor that will stop spinning if you're applying too much pressure, which is an important feature. It's main drawback -- Having the motor atop the tooth polisher handle makes a wide open mouth and jaw essential for reaching all areas of the mouth. A bit less easy to use than the OraWave with it's slim, tapered head. As such this readily available tooth polisher is effective for polishing your frontmost and outer side of your teeth, but you'll find it difficult if not impossible to thoroughly polish inside your dental arch, or easily reach your back molars.